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Saturday, January 9, 2010

oh nooooos!
blog is dead
blog skin is dead as well
so lazy to search for a new one..
anyone feeling free and creative to create/ find me a new blog layout?
heeeeee (:
oh people! its 2010 already! i feel old.
hahaha! anyhoo! few more days to coll..
new campuss! wheeee
tho parking's gonna suck
and i hope we dont need maps and gps's to get around cuz i heard the place is big. lol!
well the whole highlight of the campus is the lake
errrr duhhhh. Taylors LAKESIDE campus.....
even a dumbass would know.
but i doubt its gonna stay clean
i give it 2 months where all the workers are busy and still hardworking cleaning the lake
until then.. be ready to see a lake filled wit rubbish and cigarette butts (:
oh how exciting! haha! well i hope we have pretty restaurants
and nice kitchens which are not infested with roaches.
oh oh! cant wait for classes tho.
yeah i meant what i said.im excited for classes :D
esp french! i hope mr yeoh's gonna teach us again :D
Il est mignonnnn! heeeeee (:
tho new campus means no more fried stuff stall
no more nasi lemak ayam
no more 7th floor..( not like i go there anyway :D)
hopefully its not hard for the bie to come visit tho.. ):
welll orientation's on wednesday!
and blackie's gonna join us in coll :D
tho we have 9 weeks to study for finals
im rushing to do those stupid 11 reports
well the good news is 2 more to go :D
and 5 forms to create =\
well anywaaaaaay chinese new year aheaddd!
wheeeeeee ang paosssssss!
Je t'aime, mon petit ami (:

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

so many things.so little time.
i hate the way things are now.
i know everyone says its the part and parcel of life.
so i guess life sucks?
thinking back bout the times we used to have.
it just hurts so much knowing that its not the same anymore.
knowing that things changed.
knowing that you dont feel like how you felt before.
knowing that no matter what you say or do it'll still be the same.
knowing that it hurts you bit by bit
and its getting harder and harder to patch the wound anymore.
sometimes i guess it just helps when there's someone around you to be your pillar of strength.
to be telling you that everything's okay.
giving you a big warm hug to tell you that they're there for you 24/7
wipe away your tears and be your crying shoulder.
knowing that you have someone that cares for you.
knowing that you have someone who loves you for who you are.
knowing that you weren't left here alone to take care of yourself.
we are not strong all the time.
we are humans and we have feelings too.
i just really miss those times.
sometimes i just hope i have the power to turn back time.
to have that moment again.and again.and again.
because that feeling just makes you feel like you're on top of the world.
but i guess its impossible to do so.
i guess we just have to endure it.
i guess we shouldn't set our expectations high on certain things.
i guess this should stop now.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

okay okay! im updating.
there's nothing much to update about honestly
im in my 5th week of coll
another 5 more weeks and im done with my term 5
4 more weeks to exams
im drowning in all those shit ass assignment the no-good-nothing-to-do-lecturers gave
and i have this stupid PSR report i have to finish before the begining of term 6
mid terms are goin on now. which suck balls.
so! what have i been doin for the past 5 weeks of coll...?

well i recently went over to this newly opened pub/lounge/bar
in kl with my bunch of groupmates and other ppl
worked there for a night for 5 hours
earned 100 bucks which im pretty happy about
cuz i earn half of what i used to earn during training
by working for 5 hours :D
yes im a happy girl.it might seem lil for you people
but money is money
free money from working in a cool place just meeting vvips and vip is awesome.
the best part is meeting weird ppl.
what turns me off is when you see this totally hot guy walking around
which you find out later that he's kissing with this other dude.=.=
and this drunk dude pole dancing alone and you dont wanna know what i saw.
tho there were this cool pole dancer. not the cheap ass ones that you see in a strip club and what not
i would say she's pretty professional.those poses are amazing :D
but i just wanna say this to her.
next time pls wear pants which fits you.exposure of butt fat and you-know-what is not cool.
so yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah anywaaaaay!
pretty good experience. i dont mind working there again. with that pay and the environment.
pure awesomeness (:
hmmm what elseeeeeeeeee. well the past 5 weeks been pretty normal
except for working there.
oh yeah the restaurant is called NEO. near Tamarind Hill.
nice place to go to...peaceful
but dont go during rush hours!
ur brains will burst into flames.
no pics cuz i didnt bring my camera.
so thats about it i guess.
nothing much.

one more thing.
fcuk the phrase Bros over hoes.
thank you.

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

yday was hariz's and his twin sister jehan's 21st party
a Mafia themed party
where everyone had to be in their best mafia 1920's outfit
and boyyy i must saaay everyone look great!
it was held at Nerofico in Wisma Perintis.
somewhere in Damansara Heights
went over with my Mafia man.
and he looked awesome (:
friends of jehan's and hariz were invited
college friends and some other random people
it was a Murder Mystery Game too
so all of us in the party had to investigate whos the murderer and what not.
a special special unusual party i must say
cheers to the team Best Events
they pulled out a great interesting party.
so anyway mind my crappings.
let the mayhem begin!


my favourite pic. handsome kan♥

awesome day.great party.amazing people.wonderful time spent.
i would say..
its the best holiday ever!
and the long awaited raya post is just right below this! (: (: (:
wheeeeee evon is happpyyy! hahaha! :D

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

here's the post about raya(:
well sam haven give me the pics in his camera tho
but im just gonna upload mine and his photos (:
so went over to his house for raya open house on sunday.
dragged sam and jay along with me
cuz i was too chicken-fied to go alone.
well basically we reached the house like 30 mins earlier than i thought
cuz i was expecting myself to search for the house so i left earlier
but then my gps decided to work and help me find my way
and of course he helped to with the way as well
and with my so-called photographic memory
we reached there at 11 am.
so we drove up and down the road around the area just to pass time
you know... until other people are there too?
so we saw some cool big houses
some building which sam claims it as minang kabau
finally decided to park and go into the hse after 10 mins drive
and well there were a few people there
then people started coming in
more. and more and more and more.
until i totally forgot all their names?
hang out with bie sam and jay and his cousins
looked at old old photos.
ate cookies.ice kacang. mmmm
so here are some of the pics we took (:

then after that went over to my hse to change sekejap
and the guys were hungry so we drop by at mcd's
and the following content is not suitable for mcd lovers or kids. hahahaha!

while eating all a suden we realise there were this huge ass houses on the hill
and it has 5 storeysss!
and after all these years of me staying there..
i didnt knowwwwwwwwwww!

this one even have a lift in it! my gosssssh!

best raya spent.
had so so so much fun
thanks to him.sam and jay (: (:

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Some Random Tips If You Are Goin to be Away From

Your House For A

Period of Time

Tip number one:
always lock your doors and windows

Tip number two:
keep all your pets indoors cuz you wouldnt know if they would run away or some random kid trying to poison them or something.

Tip number three:
park all your cars in your hse eventhough its only meant for 2 cars.

lolol! yeap my neighbour followed my third tip.
ahahahahah! here's a pic of it

so as you all can see ladies and gentlemen
evon's random tips on keeping your properties safe when you're away
is basically work-a-ble and its guaranteed!
so park as many cars as you can!
just make sure you are able to get them out when you're back.
*some small random singing voice* no money back guarantee

okay moving on.
i have this.
a simple blue packet of something

oh no! whats that!
lol! no its not what you think it is
its just.........

some random lens cleaner tissue thingy
what were you guys thinking hmmmmmmmmmm!?

and i have a lot of them. want some?
just dont mistaken it for something else when you are gonna use that something of which you guys were thinking about just now and all a sudden oh no! its a lens cleaner! :D

and my mom got me something really cool!
heard of this....?
the one and onlyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


gives you triple the power of a normal push pop!

it comes in three flavours in a stick
and it have triple the powerrrrrrr!

and lastly.........

flipper says peekabooo (:

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Monday, September 21, 2009

what have i done for the past 2 weeks of my holidays...
and moreeeee outings!
hahahaa (:
a few here and there
friends.college friends.random people
pyramid.ac.hartamas.devi's.birthday parties.and a whole lot more.
went over to pyramid with sam.josh.jay and merv last week i think.
so its something like a batang's outing but as you all know i dont have one. duhhh.
but i have balls.....
EYE balls. hhahahhaa!
i know.lame.or should i say 'swt'?
so anyhooo.
watched Imagine That. funny show.Mopida and Kupida and whatever-da.
lets move on to pictureeeeees :D





on the way there? lol

stick.butt.underpants.finger. :D

well besides that
we went over to visit a friend, Jenkin
and his dad have awesome cars.
a lotus and a bmw with awesome bodykits (:




awesome right? :D

chad.jelly.bmw. haha!

nadia had her birthday party in Duta Vista
so he came over to fetch me and off we went to duta vista (:
it was nadia and her friend aly's party
but it was more to nadia's party
cuz everyone wished nadia and not aly.
hahaha then aly was like im aly and its my birthday too.
then everyone were like ohhhh happy birthday aly.!
hahahahah! funny.

cute-ass cupcakes






so thats about it (:
i think. ahahah!
i would like to wish Selamat Hari Raya!

more to come on....


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